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Politics should have no place in schools

2022-05-16 Love of books Ancient grass grazers survive to be today's elephants Forest fantasy Repairs to HK traffic signals, footpaths set to cost HK$65m China to support VR technology R&D China vies to lead in blockchain technology Microwave remote sensing to be applied in China's transport information Healthcare giant's man sees bright future for China R&D Test run of China's 160 km/h maglev train prototype successful China's Queqiao satellite carries 'large umbrella' into deep space China's first airplane developed by private firm completes production White paper released on China's blockchain technology Silver lining seen despite market rout Facial recognition technology could be used in Beijing subway Dome installed on reactor at nuclear power project in Guangxi Chinese 4G users surpass 1 billion: ministry China to launch another 11 BeiDou-3 satellites in 2018 Chinese scientists unveil the genetic architecture of plum blossom Politics should have no place in schools